After two days mild days, there is a noticeable chill in the air this morning.

Beginning today, we will see below average temperatures for the next week, or more. Afternoon highs will reach the low 40s at best, with some days not getting out of the 30s. At least it will be dry, with varying amounts of sun and clouds.

The cloudiest period will likely be tomorrow afternoon. We talked last week about a possible Wednesday storm, which kept trending offshore. However, it will be close enough to bring us more clouds. Even a sprinkle or two cannot be ruled out. Sunshine then returns for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Regarding the possible storm late Sunday, it now looks more likely that the timing will be on Monday, maybe even into Tuesday. A strong pacific storm moving onshore today is the main piece of energy. This storm will follow the jet stream along the along the lower tier of the United States and eventually strengthen as it reaches the southeast. Questions then come into place as we reach the weekend: Does strong Canadian high pressure from the north suppress this system south, or does it give way enough for the storm to ride up the coast and perhaps bring snow to Long Island? From what I have seen this morning, the models are leaning on the side of a miss, but it is likely that it will be a close call. Stay tuned.

You have to remember that we are still 5-6 away from this happening, meaning that there is still quite a bit of uncertainty with a number of factors. Long range forecasts – especially detailed ones – usually come with a high degree of uncertainty. To better help understand this, take a look at the graphic from NOAA that I have posted below. (Any Price is Right fans in the house? PLINKO!)     –Geoff

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