Punxsutawney Phil was unable to see his shadow this morning and may be onto something this year….
After brutal cold the last few days, Long Island to see early springtime temperatures in the coming days!

We’ve got mostly sunny skies today, just some high clouds filtering down from the northwest. Temperatures are going to get back to the freezing point this afternoon, which is a long way from the recent single digits. No active weather is expected until we get to Tuesday morning when some showers will pass through.

In the meantime, we will reach the low 40s Super Bowl Sunday, upper 40s on Monday, and well into the 50s on Tuesday. Then we come back down to earth a little more for the rest of the week, but still above average. And that means that any systems that roll through would have to be true overnighters for even a few flakes. There is an outside chance that could happen on Wednesday night, but anything frozen would be short-lived and would quickly revert to rain.

There could be something brewing next weekend, but at this point it’s nothing more than a dart throw. Will keep you updated throughout the week.    –Geoff

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