Our first big storm will have to wait until February. But hey, at least the cold is coming back…


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Quiet conditions on this Monday. It is chilly with highs around the freezing mark. We started the day with sun but high clouds have rushed up from the south as a storm pushes out into the Atlantic. The timing was just off enough to prevent the chance of a big snow event. Had that storm slowed a bit and hooked up with the next incoming storm from the west, we may have been able to squeeze some white from the atmosphere. Instead, we have a near miss, and then a mostly rain event coming up for the midweek.

There could be some snowflakes Tuesday morning but milder air will come in as the day progresses, leading to mainly rain for Long Island. Those drops could turn back to flakes overnight into Wednesday morning as the storm departs, but with frigid air rushing in the atmosphere will be mostly dried up at that point, so don’t expect much (if anything at all).

Wednesday will be cold with highs only in the 20s, and there could be some snow showers with a weak upper air disturbance moving by. Then the real cold arrives Wednesday night, as lows plummet into the single digits, with wind chills below zero. This will be very reminiscent of the cold we had last week on MLK Day. Highs on Thursday will only be in the teens!

Fortunately this will be a rather short-lived event as we moderate into the 20s on Friday, 30s on Saturday, and 40s on Super Bowl Sunday. As for this dearth of snow, we just aren’t in a favorable pattern right now. The jet stream is situated to the west of us, and with these storms centered to the west, big snows are not a likelihood. I don’t see any major changes for the first week of February.   -Geoff

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