T’was a week before Christmas and the morning was freezing, with wind chills only in the teens – no teasing!

Things don’t get much better this afternoon, so the winter gear will be a boon.

Fortunately the wind will die down tonight, but the cold won’t go away without a fight.

It will be quite frigid tomorrow morning, but you can’t say you didn’t have any warning!

The afternoon, however, will be much more seasonable, making the weather feel quite reasonable.

Both Wednesday and Thursday will also be dry, with plenty of sun as the pressure is high.

Unfortunately Friday will bring more rain, making any outdoor plans quite a pain!

The rain could be heavy, maybe 1-2 inches (I’m sure this is good news for all of you Grinches!

Coastal flooding will also be a threat, minor to moderate variety you can bet.

This will be something to monitor if you live by the shore, but I’ll keep you posted, of that you can be sure.

At least temperatures will be quite mild. 50s for the first day of winter? Wild!

As for a white Christmas, there’s a fairly low chance, a weak system nearby may give only a glance.

So I don’t see much more than a flurry as Santa slides down the chimney in a hurry.

More updates on all as we go through the week. Be sure to give WeatherLongIsland.com a peek!

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