Below normal temperatures continue today, but with a little more cloud cover overnight we only fell to around freezing this morning. That cloud cover was from a weak, dry cold front. The sun is now shinning and highs should again reach 40 again this afternoon.

Another weather disturbance is currently tracking across the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Clouds will increase overnight and there is the threat of a few rain or even snow showers tomorrow. White colder areas north and west of the city could see light accumulations, that is not expected for Long Island.

You will feel a noticeable change in the air on Friday. Milder air from the south will begin to move in ahead of a rain storm. Skies will remain mostly overcast, but some rain could begin shortly after sundown. Right now the heaviest rain is expected Friday night and Saturday morning, with showers lingering through the afternoon and evening and possibly into Sunday. Depending on where the heaviest rain sets up, Long Island could see well over an inch of it. Expect Saturday to be quite breezy at times as well. Not a good day for outdoor activities but great for shopping!

Both Friday and Saturday will be around 50°, but then the numbers begin to fall backwards into next week. Dry and colder conditions return as we head into the new week. –Geoff

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