Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Boy has it been cold today. A winter reality-check has set in across the area. Temperatures only made it into the 30s this afternoon, and coupled with a biting northwest wind, it has felt like the 20s for most of the day. Those gusty winds will die down tonight, but with a frigid air mass in place, that will help temperatures drop even further. We will be waking up Friday morning to actual air temps in the teens, which with any wind at all will make it feel near single digits! And other than the sun rising and being plentiful tomorrow, things won’t feel much different throughout the day.

Sunny and cold conditions will continue into Saturday. Clouds will increase throughout the day as the storm inches closer. All signs continue to point towards a glancing blow at best as we head into Sunday. The storm actually looks to have two parts two it with two separate surface lows, one that passes south early Sunday with the other moving by late Sunday into early Monday. They will eventually phase together as the storm pulls out to sea, making for a strong fish storm.

For our purposes, with strong high pressure to the north and no other blocking features to the northeast, it looks as though we will see some light snow showers on Sunday and not much else. The cold air mass in place is also very dry, and so some of these flakes may not even reach the ground. That is assuming there are no changes in the storm track whatsoever, which is still certainly possible. As I have said in previous posts, the storm has yet to form yet, so some variables are still to be expected, some that can throw things off one way or another. Parts of the Mid-Atlantic are looking at some heavier snowfall. A change of 25-50 miles to the the north could throw Long Island and much of the area into the thick of things, and an inch or so could quickly rise to several.

From everything I have seen today, the chances of that happening are dropping. But I won’t mail it in until we get to tomorrow. Have a great evening!     –Geoff

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