What a day it is! A beautiful start to the work week with sunshine and temperatures in the ow 50s.


Taking a look at the east coast satellite, you can see a coastal storm churning to our south. It will drift harmlessly out to sea. A dissipating front passes by tomorrow, but other than a stray sprinkle things will continue to stay dry. In fact, we are getting the best of both worlds with this dried-up front.

West winds will warm things up even more – how do upper 50s sound? Sounds like spring to me! 60s are likely inland away from the water, but assuming morning fog lifts quick enough, I think we could see one or two across Long Island as well.

Cooler Canadian air will catch up with us on Wednesday, dropping things back down into the 40s – still above average for this time of year. Sun will give way to clouds late in the day and rain will arrive overnight. Temperatures will drop into the 30s but any initial mixing is likely to be well far enough north to not impact Long Island.

Temperatures return to the 40s on Thursday as the rain ends my midday, followed by more showers on Friday. Southwest winds will once again return us to 50s, before much colder air arrives for the weekend.

Expect Saturday and Sunday to both be dry with highs in the 30s.     –Geoff

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