Strong Storm to Bring Flooding Rains, High Winds, Coastal Flooding

Rain is on the way, and a lot of it. But that’s not all.

A coastal Flood Warning for the entire South Shore and North Shore in Eastern Suffolk is in effect through Friday morning. Coastal Flood Advisories are in effect for the rest of the North Shore. Minor to moderate coastal flooding is forecast with the next 2 high tide cycles.  All of this is being driven by a major storm that is developing in the Southern Appalachians.

strong storm

That storm will move northward so get set for heavy rains of up to 3 inches. A Flood Watch is posted for all of Long Island. The storm will also bring wind issues, and Wind Advisories are posted for all of Long Island. Gusts to 50 mph are possible, especially at the immediate coast.

Clouds rapidly overtook the area this afternoon and rain is now beginning to overspread the region. The heaviest stuff will come after midnight and right into the day Friday. After the main area of rain comes through, some thunderstorms are likely to develop later Friday morning. Temperatures will be rising overnight and we will be in the 60s in most spots Friday.

strong storm

Winds will drop off as the day wears on but then pick up again Friday night as they shift to the southwest and then west. We should begin to see some improvement in weather conditions overnight into Saturday. Winds Saturday will still be rather gusty with some sunshine. Temperatures will be dropping quickly on Saturday, from near 50 at midnight, through the 40s in the morning and eventually into the 30s during the afternoon. By Sunday they will level off in the mid 40s. Sunday we will see sunshine and some clouds. An upper air disturbance will bring clouds and a few rain or showers late Sunday night into Christmas Eve Monday morning. Then the rest of Christmas Eve & Tuesday Christmas Day will be dry with sunshine both days. Highs will be in the low 40s and nighttime temperatures will be in the 20s to lower 30s. Barring any unforeseen intensification or delay in timing, it’s looking like no official White Christmas this year for our area this year.  –Geoff