Back to the cold as we end the last full week of January.

Let’s take a look back at the temperatures (High Low)
Su: 51° 14°  M: 14° 6°  Tu: 28° 12°  W: 47° 20°  Th: 55° 33°

Today we briefly hit 40, but things turn colder as we head into Saturday. The weekend looks cold and dry. Saturday highs barely reach the freezing mark, but they should get back around 40 on Sunday. It isn’t out of the question a flurry reaches down to Long Island on Sunday as a weak upper air disturbance comes by, but it is not very likely.

Clouds increase Monday night ahead of our next weather system, which may start as some snow as the arrival looks to be early Tuesday morning. But milder air coming in will change it all to rain during the day. A brief change back to snow Tuesday night is possible, but I am not optimistic. These back edge events rarely materialize. There’s also a very outside change we could see some coastal redevelopment along the cold front, but that too I am not very high on as of now. Will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.

Behind that storm comes in another shot of brutal cold as we say goodbye to January and welcome in February, with highs in the 20s, lows in the single digits, and wind chills below zero.  -Geoff

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