It is a very gray afternoon across Long Island as we await rain this evening, and then maybe some flakes.

A weak system has reached NYC this afternoon, bringing light snow to points west. With temperatures now around 40 degrees for the city on east, that light snow will change to light rain as it overspreads the island this evening. As the system departs overnight, colder air moving in will briefly change the rain back to snow. This could lead to a grassy coating at best for us. Yet another unimpressive “snow” event.

The top story for us is easily the wicked cold blast we will be getting in the coming days. Wednesday will be cold and breezy, with highs around 30 and wind chills in the teens. A few snow showers are also possible as a weak arctic front passes by, but that will plunge us even further down come nightfall.

Temperatures overnight into Thursday morning will be in the single digits, with sub-zero wind chills as gusts will be over 30 mph. This is not only brutal cold, but it can also be dangerous and even life-threatening. Bundle up to the max if you will be heading out, as frostbite could occur quickly in these conditions.
But hey, at least we aren’t the Mid West…

Thursday afternoon highs won’t escape the teens, but Friday will much less harsh as we head into February. Winds will die down and highs will reach the 20s. The weekend will feel significantly better as we make it back to the freezing point on Saturday and return to the balmy 40s for Super Bowl Sunday. Less than 50 days until spring!   –Geoff