Good morning everyone. I hope it was a great weekend.

The major headlines on this Monday morning….well, you probably know one of them if you have stepped outside yet.

It is very cold! We are seeing the mercury drop through the 30s this morning, making it 5 to 15 degrees colder than Sunday morning. Nassau and most of Suffolk are in a Frost Advisory but southeastern Suffolk is under a Freeze Warning. Make sure to dress appropriately – it’s time to break out the winter gear!

Despite plenty of sunshine, Monday highs only reach the low 50s this afternoon. High temperatures for the majority of the week will be below average, with the one exception being Tuesday. Highs tomorrow will be back to the low 60s, seasonable for this time of year.

Other than a sprinkle or two tonight and tomorrow, the work week will be primarily dry. The weekend, however, could be a very different story.

The other headline this morning is the reemergence of a coastal storm threat for the weekend. If you belong to any weather groups on social media, there’s a good chance you’ve heard rumblings of a late October storm threat over the past few weeks. The long-range global models seemed to back off on this threat late last week, but they are now on-board once again.

At the moment there is virtually no active weather across the lower 48. To find the origin of this potential weekend storm, we have to go all the way south and west to the Central Pacific Ocean. Hurricane Willa and Tropical Storm Vicente will impact the Mexican coast this week. The moisture from those systems will trek across Mexico, into the Gulf of Mexico, and may redevelop into a Nor’easter along the U.S. East Coast. This would mean chilly rain and windy conditions. The bulk of cold air will be situated well to the north, but it is not inconceivable that portions of New England and Upstate New York could see a wintry mix to all wet snow! Long Island would also be looking at the threat for coastal flooding and beach erosion.

While the weekend is fast approaching, we are still early in the game. There are timing and development factors that could alter this scenario. But with a lack of other significant weather features to potentially steer the storm away, I do believe this is something we will need to keep a close eye on in the coming days.

Meteorologist Geoff Bansen